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Heroic Elisande & Gul'dan

Date: Jun 01, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 08:30 PM
Posted by: Kerrplunk
Category: Guild Raid
Heroic Nighthold

Requirements: 870 + Tiers/Enchants/Consumables
If you're not familiar with the fights, watch/read fights.

Easy Guide/Video Links:
Youtube: Two-Minute Tips. FatBoss. ProperBird (healer perspective).
Guides: WoWhead top bar. IcyVeins.

We're usually up at Elisande and Gul'dan by Thursday. This is still progression for RD :) If we get them down early, we can do something different or take a break.
Tank (1)

11. Verran Paladin

Damage (8)

3. Pio Monk

5. Carmelita Warlock

6. Morbidi Death Knight

8. Aureliano Mage

9. Felilia Demon Hunter

10. Trouncin Warrior

M. Spasmatic Mage

M. Blastie Warlock

Support (4)

1. Flemel Priest

2. Esquimaux Paladin

4. Moongate Shaman

7. Cyntaria Druid



I am heading to Disney World May 27th - June 2nd.
Gul'dan is still up.

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