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H Tomb of Sargeras

Date: Sep 21, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 08:30 PM
Posted by: Kerrplunk
Category: Guild Raid

Requirements: 885/Enchants/Consumables
If you're not familiar with the fights, watch/read fights.

Easy Guide/Video Links:
FatBoss Youtube

Stay tuned to our (semi)Weekly workshop thread if youre interested in in-depth details

Prep Thread
RD Strategy Thread
Healer Thread

Starting Heroic 8/15 - Let me know things you need from normal.

Tank (2)

11. Verran Paladin

13. Footfungus Death Knight

Damage (10)

3. Rubylynn Hunter

5. Trouncin Warrior

6. Spasmatic Mage

7. Halfman Shaman

8. Aureliano Mage

9. Pwnytailz Warrior

10. Kerrplunk Rogue

12. Foofighter Monk

14. Carmelita Warlock

M. Hesekiel Warlock

Support (3)

1. Flemel Priest

2. Esquimaux Paladin

4. Cyntaria Druid



H KJ !
We got him this week. We just all have to soak the Armageddons, get people topped prior to the second transition (which may require healthstones), and practice the timing of that last add :) We're gonna wreck him this time
I really want to stress that we have to get the small armageddons. We only ever died to missing an armageddon (much more often the small ones than the big one) or the transition and we only got the transition a couple times.

For the most part people are getting in them when they can but remember it's much better to get two of the dots then for the raid to take huge damage and try and recover or lose someone who was low.

It should be impossible to go 6 or 7 attempts and to not eat a single small armageddon and looking at previous attempts that has been the case or close to the case for some people. Our DPS was fine and most of the top DPSers are either getting big ones or a decent percentage of the small ones so please don't be greedy.
To add to this: MANY of the armageddons come right on the heels of Bursting Dreadflame. The flash of those abilities hitting is very similar. I often see people moving out of the armageddon flames after Bursting Dreadflame hits, thinking that was the armageddon. I've done this multiple times. PLEASE stand in the armageddon flames until they disappear.

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