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Timewalking - BT

Date: Oct 19, 2017
Time: 08:30 PM
Category: Guild Raid
Timewalking BT week! We can add another event on this if we end up not clearing the raid by the end of raid time


- iLevel doesn't matter since we all scale down to Level 70 appropriate gear
- Level 110
- Alts are fine as long as your main is 900+ iLevel
- All gear enchanted and gemmed

Gear dropped from the timewalking raid is only 900ilvl
Tank (0)


Damage (6)

2. Carmelita Warlock

3. Pwnyplague Death Knight

4. Urnotpreped Demon Hunter

5. Malande Demon Hunter

6. Footfungus Death Knight

M. Trouncin Warrior

Support (1)

1. Kerrplunk Rogue



I apparently I put it up for AM instead of PM.
Instead of just replacing the time, I think the Calendar just replaced the whole event...

Sign up again!
I’ll also do a guild chat sweep to get those that don’t check this website regularly.

Anyone is welcome! Join the fun! :)

Anyway, I’ll do any role thats needed
Let's hope if we don't get this done today that bug won't happen to us again.
Rice is working late and I gotta grab her. I’ll be a little late!
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