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Date: Feb 13, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 08:30 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Tuesdays
Posted by: Kerrplunk
Category: Guild Raid

Requirements for Normal:
910 iLvl. Make sure youre enchanted + gemmed

Read about our Raids Here

Starting FEB 06, we are only going to do these Normal Bosses:
Garothi > Coven > Aggramar > Argus -- Coven is for tier, once we get them down consistently on heroic, they will be eradicated off the list on normal.

Then we are going to do Heroic Farm. We will do whatever bosses we can. Requirements are the same on all Tuesday as stated above. If we get to a progression boss, everyone is welcome to stay with us and learn :)

This is so raiders have more time to see Coven, Aggramar, & hopefully Argus on Thursdays

The thread below have quick role guides. Also, check out the drawings I made to see what to look out for (plus they're really dumb and beautiful, lookatem) Everything else, such as positioning and phases, will be talked about in raid.

RD Antorus Raid Prep

Please read/watch guides if youre not familiar with the fights
Easy Guide/Video Links:
Death Knight (2)

9. Morbidi Death Knight

12. Footfungus Death Knight

Demon Hunter (0)


Druid (2)

6. Cyntaria Druid

15. naturegiant Druid

Hunter (5)

7. Peeweemeegee Hunter

14. Rubylynn Hunter

16. Alillara Hunter

18. Khalil Hunter

M. Avengelina Hunter

Mage (1)

M. Zornac Mage

Monk (2)

10. Wafflez Monk

17. Foofighter Monk

Paladin (3)

13. Verran Paladin

M. Dangereux Paladin

M. Phred Paladin

Priest (1)

1. Flemel Priest

Rogue (1)

8. Kerrplunk Rogue

Shaman (1)

5. Halfman Shaman

Warlock (2)

3. Carmelita Warlock

11. Hesekiel Warlock

Warrior (2)

2. Trouncin Warrior

4. Pwnytailz Warrior



Depends on what sports are being shown that night.
I have a 2/11 Normal Antorus lock we can extend, which is trash free from the entrance to the Burning Throne teleporter (no dogs trash).

Once we clear normal Coven and Aggramar, I'll add that to my raid lock and then step out so we can start at Argus every week starting on 2/20.

I just couldn't stomach doing a normal Coven PUG... :)

If we get enough people on at 815, we can clear Coven trash and then pull that boss at 830.
I will be bringing my warrior to keep heroic Argus up on Kerrplunk for Thursday.

This Tuesday we will be doing a N Aggramar/Argus run then clearing as much as we can on heroic to get people gear :)
I have a N 2/11 lock on my DK and N 10/11 lock on my Pally, so we can start at Coven or Argus, whichever you prefer.
Last minute plans. I may join late. If I log in, I’ll hop in. If not — not.

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