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Date: Apr 10, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 08:30 PM
Posted by: Kerrplunk
Category: Guild Raid

The thread below have quick role guides. Also, check out the drawings I made to see what to look out for (plus they're really dumb and beautiful, lookatem) Everything else, such as positioning and phases, will be talked about in raid.

RD Antorus Raid Prep

Please read/watch guides if youre not familiar with the fights
Easy Guide/Video Links:
Tank (1)

4. Footfungus Death Knight

Damage (8)

1. Trouncin Warrior

3. Trayla Priest

5. Peeweemeegee Hunter

6. Pwnyplague Death Knight

7. Hesekiel Warlock

8. Legohouse Warlock

M. Armandhammer Warrior

M. Flemel Priest

Support (1)

2. Kerrplunk Rogue



Listing myself as a "maybe" because the old video card is fading fast, and if the new system doesn't arrive Monday, I can't get the new(er) video card into my system in time for raid. For sure back next week tho, system has a guarantee delivery of by the 15th. :)
Good news is the new system arrived so I might actually get the new card installed before tomorrow. Bad news is my sister is possibly going to be in hospital and I am taking myself off for tomorrow in case I'm needed. If the stars align and she's OK and the card gets installed, I may log in and come, but don't count on me. :)
I'm babysitting for my niece. I'll put flasks for cauldrons in the guild bank.

I'll run Peewee on the harder bosses if possible. I am still trying to get better on my Druid :) I may run the Druid in Moonkin form if we have the healers.
I have a ret paladin (Niflheim) he is currently around 940 iLevel.

I would like to bring him if possible. He is not in the guild yet so will likely need an invite. I checked with Kerrplunk last Saturday when we raided with Valor and he ran with them. I didn't add him to the guild because I wasn't sure if there was a limits to alts. I'll do my best to make it if I can get off work early and if needed for the harder bosses I can bring in Avengelina.
I am a most likely at this point. My fiance is on the mend so I might end up spending time with her, but its looking like she might crash before raid time xD I would prefer to bring my dh, but i am totally fine bringing flem if we need the heals :)
will join the 2nd half.
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