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Valor + RD Mythic

Date: Apr 21, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 04:00 PM
Posted by: Kerrplunk
Category: Guild Raid
Somehow I deleted the last signups I put up O_o

Anyway! So apparently, we are going to keep it as Saturdays since there's a lot of people on Spring Break. We will reassess the roster/available days again after April. I apologize for those who can only make Fridays :-(

For now, Sign up if you can make it to any of these Saturdays.

lvl 950+ // Gems & Enchants // Food & Flasks -- Saturdays @ 4PM-7PM server time (PST)

Try to read up on boss mechanics before hand, new Mythic strategies will be discussed before pull <3

Remember, this is totally optional and to hang out. While we want to be inclusive in our runs, we also don't want to make it frustrating for the other 15+ raiders. I'm not expecting everyone to be expert players, but I expect everyone to be a team player. This means that all progression raiders should be open to constructive criticism. Most importantly though, have some fun! We don't need to be super serious all the time. Messing around during trash is fine, etcetc. Regular guild rules still apply.

See you in Antorus!

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1. Foofighter Monk

2. Kerrplunk Rogue

3. Alillara Hunter

M. Trouncin Warrior

M. Avengelina Hunter

M. Felilia Demon Hunter

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I am traveling to Atlanta to see a friends new baby. I wont be able to attend Mythic this week :(
I have to change to a maybe. We got a bit delayed and might not be back until a little later tonight. :(
all good Trouncin. No rush or else imma kick you

jk lol but travel safe :)
since we are light on people today (all good since life stuff happens) if there isn’t enough, we will be doing heroic

If we do get enough people for Mythic, we will destroy Garothi again, then Hounds of Sargeras
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