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Guild Raid

Date: Sep 10, 2019 - switch instance
Time: 08:30 PM
Posted by: Cyntaria
Tank (1)

3. Kerrplunk Rogue

Damage (8)

1. Dangereux Paladin

2. Izzl Warlock

4. Flemel Priest

5. Peeweemeegee Hunter

6. Rubylynn Hunter

9. Malevolens Death Knight

M. Shayra Druid

M. Avengelina Hunter

Support (3)

7. Hesekiel Warlock

8. Lânfear Priest

M. Frightknight Death Knight



It's my Tuesday to work and then I have something to do after. If I'm on at all it'll be late into the raid so I can't commit.
I put flasks for 2 cauldrons and feasts in the officer's tab of the guild bank.
I can heal if for some reason we need me too, but I'm guessing we'll have it covered
I'm going to be tentative tomorrow but will for sure be there on thursday.
Will be there late.
I am a very very maybe. I have to take my sister to get a chest xray this evening (finally got the authorization for it and the follow up appointment is coming up so we have to do an evening run). Don't know how long it'll take, I'll be late at best, not there at worst.
might be 10-15mins late
Ruby and I will be late, car trouble. Should be on by 9.
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