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Eternal Palace

Date: Oct 24, 2019 - switch instance
Time: 08:30 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Tuesdays
Posted by: Kerrplunk
Category: Guild Raid
Eternal Palace
Farm: ilvl410
Progression: ilvl420

Tuesdays are Farm nights

Thursdays are Progression (Currently at Za'qul)

Read guides, keep potions, gems , & enchants up to date, sign up :)
Tank (2)

4. Kerrplunk Rogue

7. Paao Priest

Damage (5)

1. Carmelita Warlock

2. Flemel Priest

3. Peeweemeegee Hunter

5. Rubylynn Hunter

9. Malevolens Death Knight

Support (2)

6. Hesekiel Warlock

8. Cyntaria Druid



Second back procedure for sis, so not gonna try. If it goes as well as the first, i wouldn't be needed but Murphy's Law decrees that if I sign up, it won't go as well and I would be needed lol.
Should have a good amount of time on queen, lets get that aotc!
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