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Date: Jun 25, 2020 - switch instance
Time: 08:30 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Posted by: Kerrplunk
Category: Guild Raid

Tues Farm: Currently I'm letting anyone join in to learn fights as long as your gear is reasonable. Will also gauge performance too
Thurs Progression: ilvl450

Read guides, keep potions, gems , & enchants up to date, sign up :)
Tank (2)

1. Dangereux Paladin

10. Frightknight Death Knight

Damage (6)

2. Zadok Monk

3. Flemell Monk

4. Izzl Warlock

5. Quinessa Hunter

9. Rubylynn Hunter

M. Carmelita Warlock

Support (3)

6. Cyntaria Druid

7. Branwyn Paladin

8. Fawzi Druid



Is Melissa back? If so, I hope you had a great trip and if not, I hope the rest is great! Lol
Since we skipped Tuesday, will this be a farm run or a Carapace/N'zoth run (assuming we even get enough people). I guess if did the farm we'd probably be able to fit more people in?

Edit: Also, if we're healer heavy I can swap to dps now that I've gotten a little better geared.
I have a N'zoth lockout we can use.
I saw the guild motd so it looks like this isn't happening anyway.

Edit: Nvm, looks like we're on - yay!
We are raiding tonight. That motd is from tuesday :) Also most likely skipping straight to nzoth with Salmon's lockout
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