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Guild Raid

Deleted 4 months ago
Date: Jan 23, 2020 - switch instance
Time: 08:30 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Thursdays
Posted by: Cyntaria
Eternal Palace
Farm: ilvl410
Progression: ilvl420

Tuesdays are Farm nights

Thursdays are Progression (Currently at Za'qul)

Read guides, keep potions, gems , & enchants up to date, sign up :)
Tank (3)

4. Dangereux Paladin

8. Kerrplunk Rogue

12. Frightknight Death Knight

Damage (7)

2. Izzl Warlock

3. Rubylynn Hunter

6. Carmelita Warlock

7. Quinessa Hunter

9. Peeweemeegee Hunter

11. Kafir Mage

M. Malevolens Death Knight

Support (4)

1. Flemel Priest

5. Cyntaria Druid

10. Lânfear Priest

M. Fawzi Druid



Might have work stuff, changed myself to maybe.
I've changed to a no. This whatever it is really kicked my butt today and I feel like I'm in a total fog this afternoon. NOT good for initial raid stuff. I can't even concentrate on the strat videos. I'll just try to get better and come after it all next week. Sorry.
Feel better!
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