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Guild Raid

Deleted 2 days ago
Date: Feb 20, 2020 - switch instance
Time: 08:30 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Thursdays
Posted by: Cyntaria
Eternal Palace
Farm: ilvl410
Progression: ilvl420

Tuesdays are Farm nights

Thursdays are Progression (Currently at Za'qul)

Read guides, keep potions, gems , & enchants up to date, sign up :)
Death Knight (2)

8. Malevolens Death Knight

M. Frightknight Death Knight

Demon Hunter (0)


Druid (2)

5. Cyntaria Druid

M. Shayra Druid

Hunter (1)

6. Rubylynn Hunter

Mage (0)


Monk (1)

4. Zadok Monk

Paladin (1)

1. Dangereux Paladin

Priest (2)

2. Flemel Priest

M. Lânfear Priest

Rogue (1)

7. Kerrplunk Rogue

Shaman (0)


Warlock (2)

3. Carmelita Warlock

M. Izzl Warlock

Warrior (0)




Heading to Las Vegas for the weekend, leaving Thursday Morning and coming back Sunday. I'll be here next week.
Might be late. Having dinner w/ friends and not sure what time we will be home.
Again, not sure about tonight. Almost for sure will not be here when raid starts, hoping to be home by 9, though. Also hopefully last time my Thursdays will be kind of borked lol.
Not sure when I'll get home tonight. May want to start without me, i'll try to be on as soon as I'm able.
Might be a few minutes late, but I'll be there.
Lol. I was going to post something similar to all the above comments and seeing all of them made me chuckle. I have to help out some friends (babysitting seems too strong a term for just being in the house while their kid sleeps). I was thinking I could head over around raid break time. Probably wouldn't miss that much of raid, but would miss some.
We are having an internet outage in our area. If it comes back up before the raid I will be there. If not I am sorry ☹️
if we only have 1tank/1heal/not enough people, we may have to cancel. sorry folks. everything will be running normally next week when everyone’s unbusy. We’ll get it down :)

I’ll still sign on to see who’s on before raid. But otherwise, don’t feel obligated if you’re a maybe & are busy with life
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