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[Pinned] Ninjayd - An Epic RD Tale

Once upon a time there was this little tiny guild called <Radiant Dark>. The guild only had about 20 members and was created so that friends, and their family members, from work, college, and former MMOs could enjoy this newly released game...
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To learn more about Radiant Dark, please read our Guild Charter, Policies, Raiding Information and more in the Guild Info pages.If you are ready to submit an application to the guild, please click on Apply to Guildsite link located in the right co...
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... so I killed the Lich King in ICC 25-H 302 times. Three hundred fucking two. Then, this happened:Now, I... I'm not sure what to do with my life.
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The Radiant Dark Tier 19 Awards Show!

Radiant Dark Tier 19 Awards Show!The Tier 19 Awards Show promises to be awesome indeed. During the voting period, 21 members of our raid team voted for the best guildie in each of five categories. Each voter ranked their favorite guildies in ord...
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Coming June 6th!

Class Mounts, Power Ascended Rewards, and Feathermane Tames for hunters. From Wowhead:
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The History of Pwnyfailz

I was taking a walk down memory lane looking at some old WoW images and found a drawing that was the origin of Pwnyfailz, courtesy of a good friend and former guildie long ago:My amazing skill at standing in defile and bad carries on even to this ...
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Tier 19 Guildie Awards!

Radiant Dark has enjoyed amazing success throughout Legion so far, earning Ahead of the Curve Achievements for Heroic Xavius, Helya and Gul'dan. The Tier 19 Guildie Awards are meant to celebrate all of the hard work, success and fun we've had fro...
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Tomb of Sargeras Releases June 20th

We finally have an official date for Tomb. Looks like we'll get Normal and Heroic on June 20th with everything else following on a weekly schedule. Here's the write up from WoWHead: WoWHead LinkWho's excited and ready to move on from Nighthold?
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Important info for Arms and Fury Warriors.

Released from Blizzard today: Nerf to Draught of Souls
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Wanna watch Verran destroy the prot artifact challenge?! I meant presented by Verran, edited painstakingly by Flemel, sound by Hesekial.
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Looking for a kind soul(s) in the Bay Area

Hey everyone,Making a post here regarding a life-related call for help. It's a bit of a shot in the dark, so I don't totally expect any direct replies...but here goes.As most don't know yet, I am based in Seattle, WA and am a 4th-yr grad student i...
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WoW Tales

This looks like such a cool project:
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Data Recovery

So, my hard drive is toast. Anybody know a good, affordable data recovery service?
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My buddy who basically invented Suramar (AND IS AMAZING AND I LOVE HIM) made a funny. Happy Valentine's Day, cats & kittens. <3 You're all my valentines. Get over here for gross melodramatic smoochin.
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Inquiring on a memory from the past

Hello my fellow exguild mates. It's been many moons since I've spilt blood for the righteous cause of the Dark. So I thought I drop by and see if a old guilde still has a spot among the Dark. I'll be in touch in the next few days. Utill then
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Invisible Bunnies!

Nice to know what keeps WoW going...The Invisible Bunnies That Power World of Warcraft
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Patch 7.1.5 on Tues 1/10

Patch notes have not been released yet. On Twitter, @BlizzardCS said that all World Quests will be reset at patch launch so if you have any unfinished Emissary caches or important WQs, complete them prior or lose them.
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World Quests Addon

Found an addon that looks to be handy for sorting/filtering the world quests. It's called World Quest Tab.It adds a tab to your map to display a list of all world quests for the isles when the map displays all of the broken isles, or just the worl...
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Halloween costumes

I'm pretty happy with mine.
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Patch 7.1

Patch 7.1 is live! And with it the Karazhan mythic dungeon, Trial of Valor, new Suramar quests (yay everyone's favorite zone), and more! 7.1 Patch NotesWowhead Patch 7.1 Survival GuideThe Wowhead guide includes the Karazhan attunement chain. Hopef...
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