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[Pinned] Ninjayd - An Epic RD Tale

Once upon a time there was this little tiny guild called <Radiant Dark>. The guild only had about 20 members and was created so that friends, and their family members, from work, college, and former MMOs could enjoy this newly released game...
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To learn more about Radiant Dark, please read our Guild Charter, Policies, Raiding Information and more in the Guild Info pages.If you are ready to submit an application to the guild, please click on Apply to Guildsite link located in the right co...
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Blizzcon 2018

Who was lucky enough to secure tickets in the two rounds of sales? Who would like to go but still need tickets?
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Transmutation mastery

Does it work on BfA transmutations? I switched Quinessa to Alchemy at the beginning of BfA, but I haven't leveled up the old world alchemy to obtain a mastery. From the rankings in the recipes of BfA, it looks like flask and potion masterys are ...
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New Banner!

I love it! You've outdone yourself again, Josh! Thank you,
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Battle for Azeroth - Misc. Info

Release Date: 8/14/2018If you are like me and pre-ordered the digital release of BfA to get the early perks, but still want the box version of the Collector's Edition, here is Blizzard's official word of how they will deal with refunds:"Upgrading...
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Caution BfA alts

It recently came to my attention that members who have the recent expansion are leveling their alts! Which is awesome :D! However, I have been talking with some of the people responsible for AH materials and goods that greatly help the leveling...
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Battle for Azeroth Expansion - Alpha Spoilers

If you head over to mmo-champion, there is a lot of information coming from the Alpha for the next expansion. Here is just a peak at the new spells / talents changes: Part 1 - Death Knight, Demon Hunter, Druid, Mage, Monk, Hunter PetsI got a littl...
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BfA laugh

It made me laugh, especially the link in the reply with the effect visualized...
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PvP Ideas and Its overall benefits.

Naturegiant here, first thread but hey gotta start somewhere! Just wanted some if any feedback on the idea of potentially having a PvP night for our Radiant member's! The thought struck me, why don't we try to pvp together once a week? Despite tha...
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Need financial Advice? or maybe a helping hand :)

Nature Again, I thought i'd make this thread for any guildies seeking advice on the intricacies of the AH. The best part is with the right addons and hard work I can show you how to play for free! I have helped a few Radiant members out before ...
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Patch 7.3.5 - Jan 16th!!

See announcement and patch notes here:
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The Tier 20 Awards Show!

The Tier 20 Guildie Award Show is here! Thanks so much to everyone who voted!We didn't get many write-in votes this tier, but here are two pretty good ones:Noisiest Eater During RaidThis award was unanimous, congrats Dan! Everyone knows and love...
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Tier 20 Guildie Awards!

The Tier 20 Guildie Awards are here! With Antorus just over two weeks away, the Radiant Dark Guildie Awards will allow us to once again celebrate our amazing effort and performance through the Tomb of Sargeras!From now through 11:59pm on November ...
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RIP Visahari

All,For those who don't know, Visahari/Lynette has passed away from cancer. I will always remember her as a kind, friendly, helpful, and wonderful lady. She was one of my favourite druids in Azeroth. She will be dearly missed.Brodie/Stonecoldelf
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Pet and Animal Thread

Okay, now it's the time for talking about animals, which can be really close to your heart (pets), but some of you can really afraid of them. Are there animals which you really are afraid of? Or is there something that you love? Do you have any pe...
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ARE YOU READY TO PARTY?Our annual Blizzcon Guild Party has been confirmed! We had a great time at McFadden's last year and we're returning again this year. A few things have changed at McFadden's (new management and new menu), but we're hoping f...
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So long for now

All,The game hasn't been all that fun for me for the last little while. I've decided to unsub and take a break.I'll still participate on the Facebook group and I have my Blizzard app going as well.Feel free to drop me a line whenever you like.I am...
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The Radiant Dark Tier 19 Awards Show!

Radiant Dark Tier 19 Awards Show!The Tier 19 Awards Show promises to be awesome indeed. During the voting period, 21 members of our raid team voted for the best guildie in each of five categories. Each voter ranked their favorite guildies in ord...
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... so I killed the Lich King in ICC 25-H 302 times. Three hundred fucking two. Then, this happened:Now, I... I'm not sure what to do with my life.
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