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Dark Raider Rank:

The Dark Raider Rank is made up of those that are serious about raiding and committed to perfecting their main character and maximizing their contribution to a raid. People with this rank understand that raiding is a team effort and everyone must perform to their maximum potential. They’ve researched and understand their class mechanics. These are the people who work hard to get their gear to raid level by running heroics or having gear crafted. They do not rely on raiding alone to gear their character. They farm reputation that can provide gear upgrades and gear enhancements . They have their gear properly gemmed and enchanted to support their role in a raid. They study raid encounters to get a general idea of what to expect to make it easier on our raid leaders. They always come prepared with raiding consumables and don’t care how much repair costs are. When they sign up for a raid they can be counted on being there, on time, and for the duration.

Dark Raiders have first priority on all progression raid content subject to slot availability and class mix. Non-Raider Rank members may still sign up for raids, but will only be confirmed if there is a shortage of raiders or an issue where their class/spec may be needed, and then it will be at the Raid Leaders discretion.

Becoming a Dark Raider:
Anyone who raids Raidiant Dark will be granted the Dark Raider Rank so long as they have an authenticator attached to their account.

To obtain and maintain the Dark Raider rank one must:
  • Have a clearly defined main character.
  • Be within the gear level required for our current progression on That means being within the green or yellow ranges.
  • All gear properly gemmed and enchanted with the best quality to support your role.
  • Sign up for a minimum of 1 progression raid per week. Vacation and business related absences are excluded. Notify an officer of your intended absence.
  • Flasks or 1 Battle/1 Guardian Elixir and buff foods are REQUIRED.
  • Required raiding mods and Mumble installed, updated, and working with a working headset.
  • Review new boss fight strategies prior to the raid and have the ability to listen and perform.
  • Be on line and at the instance ready for an invite at least 5 mins. ahead of schedule raid time.
  • Have a stable computer and internet connection.

Benefits of Dark Raider Rank:
Benefits of maintaining the Dark Raider Rank include:
  • Priority for raiding slots on progression raids (class is highest priority).
  • Repairs bills for progression raids paid by the guild bank.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you contributed 100% to the success of the guilds raiding goals.
  • Access to the Archive tab of the guild bank for raiding needs

Declaring a Raiding Off-Spec:
Any Dark Raider may declare an Off-Spec to be used for raiding purposes. The Off-Spec must meet the same basic requirements as the normal Dark Raider Rank. If approved, the toon with a raiding Off-Spec will be granted the following.

  • Off-spec gear can be purchased DKP free, so long as no main spec wants it.
  • You might be fielded as EITHER spec, based on any given raid needs to be determined by the Raid Leader.

Requesting Dark Raider Rank:
If you applied to the guild as a raider, upon the completion of your Initiate probation and meeting the requirements of the Dark Raider Rank described above, you will automatically be promoted to Dark Raider. If you did not apply to the guild as a raider or were a raider and at some point stopped raiding and was removed from the rank, contact an officer to discuss the possibility of being promoted.

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