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Guild Info
Who is Radiant Dark Header
Who is RD Ring Who is Radiant Dark?
A brief history and description of the guild. Our raiding goals, times, and officer contacts are included here.

Way of RD Header
Way of RD Ring Radiant Dark Charter
Read and learn more about our guild culture and philosophy.

Policies and Guidelines Header
Policies and Guidelines Ring Radiant Dark Policies
Policies on everything from guild chat to use of the guild bank is covered in this section. Raiding is covered in it's own section

Raiding with RD Header
Raiding with RD Ring Raiding with Radiant Dark
All of our raiding information can be found here, including information about our Dark Raider rank, required mods and vent info.

Ranks of RD Header
Ranks of RD Ring Radiant Dark Ranks
An explanation of our guild ranks.