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Raiding with Radiant Dark

Radiant Dark has a more serious raiding unit that is contained within its core of officers and our Raider Rank. Promotion to the Dark Raider Rank is determined by the officers with certain expectations that must be met in order to achieve and maintain the rank. You do not have to be a Dark Raider in order to raid with Radiant Dark, but someone with the Dark Raider rank will have priority. If you sign up for a raid and do not have the Dark Raider rank, it is expected that you still be within the parameters of what is required to raid (i.e. gear, preparation, consumables). We are not exclusionary when it comes to confirming attendance in raids. We try to accommodate everyone's raiding needs and always put people first. Our raid leaders take a lot of things into consideration when confirming raids.... encounter needs, class mix, etc. But, we will not set up a raid that is destined to fail before it even begins. We have been known to change the raid destination if we don't have the right sign-ups for the scheduled raid.

Anyone that plans on raiding with Radiant Dark, regardless of rank, must declare one main for raid purposes. This allows us to be able to distribute loot more evenly across the guild and thus help the guild progress and see further content. We also use mains to determine recruitment needs. Changing your main is not something that should be taken lightly. Our goal is to see as much content as we can and we can only do this with geared characters. Changing your main once you are geared in order to gear an alt is frowned upon. Remember that it took 9 or 24 other people to help you get what you wanted or needed and you should do likewise.

Raids for progression content will only be scheduled and lead by our assigned Raid Leaders. Raid leaders (and only leaders) will generally start invites 1/2 hour to 15 mins. before raid time. Scheduled raid time is considered ready to start first pull. If you are signed up and confirmed to a raid please be on line and prepared to go. If you know you will be cutting it close to raid time, log yourself out at the instance beforehand. You should not be signing on and asking for summons at raid time. If you are not on line 5 mins. prior to scheduled raid time (without prior notice) you run the risk of your slot being given to someone else. We understand that "stuff" happens. If you find you are going to be late please try to get a message, either on the forums or through a guild mate, to the raid leader. It is also expected that you stay for the duration of the raid. Maximum raid time is 3 hours.

Everyone should come to a raid prepared. This includes being repaired, reagents, pots/elixirs/flasks, buff foods, and anything else you need to support your role in the raid. If you show up to a raid without consumables, you are not helping the raid to the best of your characters ability. If you do not want to spend the gold or time required for repairs and consumables, don't sign up.

Alts are not permitted on progression raids unless it is determined by the Raid Leader that an alt is needed to fill a specific role on that raid or to fill a shortage. Once a raid instance is considered "on farm", alts may sign up and be invited. "On farm" will be determined and announced by the officers.

Guests on Radiant raids are not permitted in most cases. This includes non-guilded family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. We will not PUG open slots just for the sake of filling a raid. We've tried it in the past, along with guild alliances, and they don't generally work for us. We have and will cancel raids if we don't have the required guild sign-ups by the morning of the raid. The Raid Leader will post a specific announcement if a raid is to be canceled. If you are approached by or know someone that may be interested in raiding with Radiant Dark, please refer them to guild officer.

Everyone should be in their appropriate class/role channels to receive alternate assignments. Required Mods for raiding and Mumble information can be found at the end of this section.

Elitist attitudes have no place in Radiant Dark. We are not hardcore and have never claimed to be. We do not care to try to keep up with the top guilds on the server. Our main goal is to try to tackle as much content as we can, at our own pace, with people we enjoy gaming with.

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